How to Defeat the Grouchy Heart

How to Defeat the Grouchy Heart

by Brenda McGraw

Sing to God with gratitude -finalWith every beat of our heart, we are given the choice to experience gratitude. Yet many times we choose the ungrateful beat instead, whining and complaining about our circumstances and surroundings. We may have had a bad day, or yelled at our kids or spouse, and we mope around feeling sorry for ourselves.

We have a grouchy heart.

It doesn’t sound nice, does it? So why do we let the world defeat us?

Now picture a heart beating for Jesus. It’s a big heart, full of love and gratitude. It sings, “Because I’m happy. . .” It’s a playful heart that tells others of the good things God has done and is doing in its life. It’s a bouncy heart that bounces (more…)

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