The Word of Christ Dwells Richly

The Word of Christ Dwells Richly

By Trina Bresser Matous

Word of Christ, Word of God, BibleSeveral years ago my church hosted an evening women’s event. I was not able to go, but heard from friends who were there about an incident that left some people feeling uncomfortable. Shortly afterward I ran into another friend, the MC of the event, and mentioned to her what I’d heard. I was passing on less than flattering information I had not actually witnessed. The MC, a wise and mature Christian woman, saw my words for what they were, gossip (though I didn’t see I was gossiping at the time), and gently admonished me for what I said.

In Colossians 3.16, Paul lays the groundwork for this kind of admonishment.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom …

Let the Word of Christ

While Paul used the phrase “word of God” 12 times in his epistles, he used “word of Christ” only twice. Some commentators think that Paul’s focus on Christ in his letter to the Colossians motivated him to refer to the word of Christ rather than the word of God in this letter.

Let is a verb and in this case connotes action. Paul calls us to do something with the words Jesus spoke. In order to take the appropriate action, we must first know and understand them. (more…)

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