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Facing the Day2Facing the day

Every morning I have the same routine: I wake up, get a cup of tea, read my Bible, and then I get dressed. I wash and style my hair, and apply my makeup, and put on a carefully chosen outfit. You would think that at this point I would be ready to face the day.

However, the one other thing I have to put on at this point is love. Really. Some days I have to make a conscious effort to clothe myself in love.

I wish I could say that I wake up every morning with a song on my tongue and a warm feeling toward all of the people in my life.  Actually, I struggle with irritations and frustrations more in the morning than at any other time of day. As I get dressed, I start looking ahead to my day and thinking about the people whom I will be interacting with and how stressful some of those conversations will be, and oftentimes become cranky before I even have my shoes on. Many days, before 7:00am, I have had to repent, restart, and remind myself to make the thoughts of my mind and the meditations of my heart pleasing to God.

Choosing to put on love

I was once told that love is not a feeling, but a choice. To love someone means to choose treat them in a manner that is patient, kind, not envious, boastful or demanding. Sound familiar? Everyday I am faced with the choice of putting on love.  Will I love people with the love that God has shown me? Will I love people in the way that God commands me? How do I bring my thoughts and emotions captive to Christ?

Clothe yourself in love

Colossians 3:14 reminds us, “Above all, clothe yourselves with love which binds us all together in perfect harmony.”

That is such a perfect picture of how God recognizes us in our frail human nature. He tells us to actively make a decision and perform a task: “Clothe yourself in love.” We don’t always feel love toward each other but we are to do that which causes us to act in love to each other. We are to dress our hearts, minds and attitudes in love.

While it can be an internal fight to make myself do the right thing, I do find peace in knowing that God has grace for me and has provided a way for me to recognize and choose to act in a way that is pleasing to Him.  Sometimes, my thoughts have to be manhandled to be in line with His thoughts, and my actions have to then line up with His ways, but He has already gone before me and prepared a way for me to rise, shine and love.

Do you have to deliberately choose to love people some days? How do you show God’s love when you are feeling cranky?

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