Rise and Shine and Put on Love

Rise and Shine and Put on Love

by ALisa Casas
Facing the Day2Facing the day

Every morning I have the same routine: I wake up, get a cup of tea, read my Bible, and then I get dressed. I wash and style my hair, and apply my makeup, and put on a carefully chosen outfit. You would think that at this point I would be ready to face the day.

However, the one other thing I have to put on at this point is love. Really. Some days I have to make a conscious effort to clothe myself in love.

I wish I could say that I wake up every morning with a song on my tongue and a warm feeling toward all of the people in my life.  Actually, I struggle with irritations and frustrations more in the morning than at any other time of day. As I get dressed, I start looking ahead to my day and thinking about the people whom I will be interacting with and how stressful some of those conversations will be, and oftentimes become cranky before I even have my shoes on. Many days, before 7:00am, I have had to repent, restart, and remind myself to make the thoughts of my mind and the meditations of my heart pleasing to God.

Choosing to put on love

I was once told that (more…)

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