Jesus Shows Love from the Cross

Jesus Shows Love from the Cross

by Anastacia Maness

Cross on Hill w:text

Art Credit: Watercolor “Cross on Hill” by Scott Maness

We are getting close to resurrection Sunday. Jesus was celebrated, betrayed, falsely accused, beaten, denied, and hung on the cross to die one of the cruelest of deaths.

He had no comfort while on that cross. Most of His disciples abandoned Him. He was alone, hanging there mocked and ridiculed by the crowd.


Have you ever gone through something extremely painful?

What did you think about at the time?

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m in pain I tend to think about myself and how to get out of the painful situation. If I saw my family, I would want them to help me feel better.

Jesus was dying a cruel death of pain and suffocation on the cross but He didn’t focus on how to relieve His pain. Instead, He looked down from the cross and saw His mother.

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