Whose Lap Are You Sitting On?

Whose Lap Are You Sitting On?

by Brenda McGraw

Whose Lap Are You Sitting on?-2As I was walking through the mall this past weekend, I passed by an area in the center that was roped off. There he sat! He was waiting for the little kids to come sit in his lap and tell him what they wanted for Easter. I bet you can tell me who this was. Yep, the “Easter Bunny.”

Sounds similar to another character we take our kids to visit at Christmas.

We have commercialized Christmas and Easter and made them all about gifts, toys and candy.

When Christmas rolls around, children are allowed to sit down and make a “want list.” Then Mom and Dad or the grandparents take them to the mall and they tell Santa Claus what they want for Christmas. All along they are anticipating Christmas morning.

It’s the same with Easter.
Easter may not be quite as (more…)

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