by Christy Pearce

wickerOkay, I admit it. I am a stubborn one.

When I set my mind on something, you better believe that’s what I am doing, and it is almost impossible to de-rail me. For instance, the time I decided I WOULD have wicker furniture. Or else.

In our days before kids, we had an extra bedroom in our home that I used to store all my crafting gear, scrapbooking stuff and sewing machine, but there was never anywhere to sit. This was my little haven and I wanted purchase something inexpensive (and cute) to solve my seating problem.

I found a five-piece wicker furniture set at a local department store for a hundred bucks. It was a little more than I hoped to spend, but when considering it was new, matching and cute-well . . .in my mind it was “SOLD!”


My hubby didn’t agree.

He wasn’t as excited as I was and just couldn’t understand how much I wanted the furniture for my little room, or that it was a STEAL of a bargain!

He busted my bubble with the words, “It’s an unwise purchase.

I wouldn’t hear of it. Not only did I think my husband’s opinion was ridiculous, I thought HE was ridiculous, because he didn’t see my point of view.

And I fought him at every turn to try to get my furniture.

The Fool Says “There is no God”

So, yeah—my husband is NOT God. But as I look back on how I treated a God-given authority in my life, (yes ladies our husbands are an authority, *wink*) I can see that my behavior was less than stellar. Okay. It was SINFUL.

But you couldn’t have told me back then. . .

I was following the path of a fool—the bible kind of “fool.” And let’s just say you don’t want to follow this crowd.

Biblical references of the “fool” are a pretty bad thing. Words like “slander,” “ruin,” “unwise,” and “hellfire” come in verses describing the fool.

It is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 1:18 that, “The word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

In this verse, “the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing.” Catch that—to the one who is perishing, i.e. they are on their way to “hellfire”—the cross is folly, foolishness, or absurd.

The fool won’t listen to sound reasoning, except the sound of his own reasoning. And the only god the fool bows down to is himself. In effect, the fool’s actions demonstrate his rejection of God’s presence.

Don’t Play the Fool—Or Be One!

So, back to the wicker furniture . . .

First of all, I’ll tell you—I “won.”

Ugh. That feels horrible to say. I asserted my point of view so emphatically that in the end, in my foolishness, I got what I wanted. Without his approval or blessing.

That’s dreadful. I wish I could take it all back today. (Do you ever feel that way?) But I can’t—it’s too late. That’s all water under the bridge now.

And the fool on judgment day?

You guessed it—the fool will wish he could “take back” every vile word and rebellious act done in foolishness toward God.

But it will be too late.

So what’s the link between the person who “plays” the fool and the person who IS a fool?

First, if we are “playing the fool” like I was, we are returning to the state of bondage Jesus died to free us from. I resisted Godly wisdom (by throwing an adult tantrum), and I even rejected “the Messenger.” The good news is that though imperfect, the one whose hope is in Christ to cover his sins will enter into paradise when we face God one day.

Second, the fool that is perishing has never been set free from the bondage of sin. The owners of immovable, unteachable hearts fixed in rebellion will one day face the same God. Without faith in Christ and Christ alone, they will be separated from God for all eternity—in hell.

And wicker furniture aside—either way, the solution is the same—both need the power of the gospel to impact us that it results in a change of mind by a changed spirit.

When this change takes root in our lives, we can turn from foolishness and become someone who is foolproof—alert to the foolish things of the world that would otherwise take our focus away from following Jesus.

Think it over . . .

Check out some other verses that discuss the fool. Are there areas that you have been on the path of the fool? Don’t be fooled today on the day called “April’s Fool’s Day” or any day. 

Paul says, we should examine ourselves and “make sure of our salvation.” Reflect on the gospel an consider your position toward sin. Are you fixed in rebellion? Or are you bothered when you look back at your wicked deeds?  

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