From Foolish to Foolproof

From Foolish to Foolproof

by Christy Pearce

wickerOkay, I admit it. I am a stubborn one.

When I set my mind on something, you better believe that’s what I am doing, and it is almost impossible to de-rail me. For instance, the time I decided I WOULD have wicker furniture. Or else.

In our days before kids, we had an extra bedroom in our home that I used to store all my crafting gear, scrapbooking stuff and sewing machine, but there was never anywhere to sit. This was my little haven and I wanted purchase something inexpensive (and cute) to solve my seating problem.

I found a five-piece wicker furniture set at a local department store for a hundred bucks. It was a little more than I hoped to spend, but when considering it was new, matching and cute-well . . .in my mind it was “SOLD!”

Except— (more…)

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