by Kim Penix

NOTALL WHO WANDERARE LOST (2)Do you know where you come from? Have you ever done any research into your family history?

My husband just completed a hike of more than 200 miles, walking in the footsteps of his 5x great- grandfather, Joshua. We learned that Grandpa Joshua actually fought alongside Daniel Boone.  It’s been very cool to make a connection with someone so well known in our nation’s history who’s also a part of our family tree.

But I have another family history. You see, the God of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and all the other heroes listed in Hebrews 11 are part of my family tree. They are the forefathers of my faith.

We worship the same God they did. Let that sink in for a moment. The God who listened to the prayers of Abraham and Isaac is the same God who hears our prayers.

Jeremiah’s call to deliver a message from God.

There’s another hero listed in the lineup of Hebrews 11. The prophet Jeremiah.  He was known as the weeping prophet, and if you had to deliver the message he did, you might weep, too!

My husband’s hike is a pilot project to raise awareness of the preservation efforts of Boone Trace through Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. He and his hiking partner are proclaiming the importance of preserving a piece of our history. Jeremiah’s message had the same purpose: He was telling God’s people not to forget their history with Him. Not to turn their back on the God of their forefathers.

The world will change.

Throughout Jeremiah’s prophetic career, he saw many changes on the political front and moral climate of his nation. The throne was occupied by various men who demonstrated anything but consistency in their relationship with God.

He had watched the drastic moral decline of the people.  They were quickly forgetting God’s command to worship only Him.  They ran right into idol worship and on to the sacrificing of their own children to their new gods. Laws were written that directly went against the word of God.

Sound like any group you know of today?

God’s message remains the same.

More than 100 times, Jeremiah called on the nation of Israel to repent of its sins. That’s not an easy message to preach in the streets of your hometown. He faced public humiliation, was put in stocks, thrown in a pit, put on trial for his life, and eventually forced to flee the country.

Despite all he endured, his message never changed and it’s still needed today.

Good news and bad news.

The bad news was that Israel had broken the covenant with God that was given to its forefathers. We aren’t capable of refusing sin any more than the nation hearing Jeremiah’s preaching. The people needed to turn their hearts back to God and so do we.

The good news is that God looked down at them and said that despite their evil, He was still faithful to them. He is still faithful to us today.

A new covenant.

In Jeremiah  31:33 we read that God promised a new covenant and that he would put the law on their minds and write it on their hearts. That is the covenant we have today, fulfilled through the gift of Christ on the cross.

We can have a new heart. Not based on any work we do in keeping a law written on a tablet, but by a spiritual regeneration,  a desire to do His will and obey His laws. A heart change; the law written on our hearts, transforming us from the inside out.

Preserving history.

.Jeremiah’s message never changed and neither did God’s.  Our message should remain the same as well. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Preserving pieces of our nation’s history is very important. Remembering where we came from and who paved the way. My husband’s hike is working toward that goal.

But more importantly, as Christians it’s imperative that we recall the heroes of our faith and the timeless messages God spoke through them.  May we never forget.

Who is your favorite out of Hebrews 11?


BIO:  Kim Penix is a Christ-follower, bible study facilitator, writer, blogger, wife of 25 years, mother to two, and grandma to a firecracker born on the fourth of July!  Her new blog, Grace IS Sufficient~finding peace and purpose after diagnosis, is where you’ll find her these days.  She writes about her faith, family, home, and health and has a desire to help others live a fulfilled, purposeful life for Christ despite chronic illness.


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