The Love of a Friend
by Tammy Karasek

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“A friend loves at all times,”
Proverbs 17:17a (ESV)

Do you have a friend or friends in your life who you know, no matter what, you can count on? Maybe you have gone through a rough patch and your friend or friends were there before you even knew you needed them. These types of friends are true blessings to our lives.


“but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”
Proverbs 18:24b (ESV)

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
John 15:13 (ESV)

Laying down one’s life also means giving of our time, talent or money sacrificially to help someone else. I’ve been fortunate to have several friends in my life who have “laid down their lives” for me, so to speak. No, these friends haven’t given up their lives for me, but they did perform actions that were most definitely self-sacrificial. They thought of how they could help and then just did it. Didn’t ask and didn’t tell everyone they were doing it. It was just done. Their giving wasn’t done with an expectation of receiving anything in return.

When my father died, a sweet friend called and informed me she was on her way to pick up our daughter to spend the next four days with her and her family while I took some time to process all that was happening. She did not ask, she told me! (Of course, she knew me well enough to know I would have insisted I was fine and didn’t need help!) She didn’t need another child to care for or feed, but she knew I could use the help. She just gave sacrificially.

Another friend gave us money she didn’t really have during a job layoff we were going through. The special part of this story is that she was my Secret Sister, so I couldn’t even say thank you at the time! She didn’t ask if we needed help, she just gave sacrificially.

Whether meeting a need physically or emotionally, a friend gives up self for you. But we do have a friend who gave His life for all of us. This someone actually went through a brutal death for us. By laying down His life for you and me, He showed us the greatest love. Through this death, He offers us eternal life in paradise.

Have you allowed this friend to come into your life? This friend who wants the best of the best for you?

My prayer for you is that you have the joy of an earthly friend who “loves at all times” and “sticks closer than a brother.” Do you know the love of the One who laid down His life for you?

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You’ll find Tammy seeing humor and causing laughter in every aspect of life, then sharing about it on her blog. Tammy’s rough childhood as a lonely, only-child who received much criticism from family is the driving force of her passion to always encourage others and make them smile. She is a Christian gal that is blissfully wedded to her college sweetheart, Larry, for 33+ years and mom to their grown daughter, Kristen.

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