I have had the honor to interview Paul Sohn on my podcast and I would like to introduce Paul to those of you who may not know him. Paul is the founder of the “Salt and Light, Empowering Christian Leaders to Rise to the Top.” He has so much great information on his website at: Please take the time to stop by and check it out.

Paul shares his testimony with us on the interview. He was born in Korea and moved to the states when he was 3 years old. At about 9 or 10 years old he went back to Korea. Struggling with academics and having no hope in Korea, he made the choice to come back to North America and moved to Vancouver, attending a Christian private High-school where love was poured out onto his life.

In 2010 he moved to the United States. For more from the interview you can watch it here:

I have enclosed a few of the highlights from the interview here:

Brenda: How do you use your website to empower Christian leaders?
Paul: The singular mission of my blog is to empower Christian leaders to rise to the top. That comes from my calling that God has placed in my life. It birthed a vision to see leaders at the top of fields that they are called in, whether education, entertainment, business, government or whatever field leaders are in. I have this vision of more Christian leaders.

So how can we become the salt of the earth and the light of the world?
Leadership, intentional living, and self-growth and development is weaved into the key elements into my website.

Paul has interviewed leaders for podcasts. List includes:

Jenni Catron, Author of “Clout”

Luis Chien, The founder of 4Soils 

Celina Lee, Author of Live Your Dream. She is a lawyer, author and talk show host in New York. She helps others discover their dreams.

Others are:
Margaret Feinberg, Christian Author and Speaker

Paul’s reveals his one word for 2015 is SOAR!

He wants to soar in whatever field he is in and unleash that God-given potential.

There are several things he wants to achieve this year:
1. Paul desires to finish writing and publish his book — written by a twenty-something for a twenty-something, based on “How to live intentionally and discover your God-given calling?”
2. Paul is a student and is working on obtaining his masters degree.
3. He will be doing some traveling this year with this masters program.

Brenda: What is your purpose in helping others?
Paul: Blog has now become a ministry and it is very fulfilling helping others. He has become more committed and cannot take this lightly. This is about changing lives.

Brenda: As an entrepreneur can you tell us some of the challenges of growing your online presence?
Paul: The biggest challenge is prioritizing my time. I am also trying to take control of my prayer life and reading my bible more frequently because I believe that is the foundation of everything I do. I need to be grounded in the Word of God.

Brenda: Do you interview others and how can people connect with you?
Paul: I like to interview people who are in different fields — who are called in different areas, who are leaders in that field. I like to get in touch with them and interview them and share their stories.

Brenda: Can you give us a peak into your personal life? Are you single?
Paul: Yes, I am single. If I could just have a day off I could spend an entire day at the local bookstore. I love the physical copy of books. I also like to play racquet sports, tennis and table tennis. I also enjoy having great conversations.

Brenda: Can you tell us about your e-books?
Paul: My first book is called “He said, She Said and You, Your Pit-stop for Inspiration.” It is a compilation of quotations. It is 25 topics that deal with leadership and intentional living. There are quotes in the book, but there is also white space where you can write your thoughts and perspectives. It is available for free by subscribing to my blog at: My second ebook is called “The Science of  Blogging.” It is also available for free on my site.

Brenda: Are you available for speaking to audiences?
Paul: Yes, I do speaking and coaching. I speak topics around Christian Leadership, Living intentionally, Discovering Your God-given calling and purpose. And, I also do executive coaching around that topic as well. You can go to contact page on my blog or send an email to


PaulSohnpicPaul’s bio:
Paul Sohn is an organizational chiropractor, purpose weaver, and kingdom-minded catalyst. Paul currently serves at The Boeing Company as a LEAN practitioner, providing expertise in continuous improvement initiatives, building high-performing teams and processes to create effective organizations. Paul also serves as an organizational consultant and Board Director at the Portland Leadership Foundation. He is writing his forthcoming book on how to live intentionally as a twenty-something. Paul received a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University of British Columbia in 2010. Above all, Paul’s vision is to turn the world upside down by equipping, connecting, and transforming emerging Christian leaders and organizations.

You can contact Paul at:

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