Photo Credit: Creation Swap, True Love, Joe Cavazos

Photo Credit: Creation Swap, True Love, Joe Cavazos

True Love Dies
by Christy Pearce

Step aside, ladies.

That “Worst Wife and Mother of the Year” trophy belongs to me.

And maybe “of the Year” doesn’t cover it. I probably earned the title “of ALL TIME” instead.

I have come to the realization that I am SO selfish. And rotten. I disgust myself sometimes.

It isn’t just one isolated failure that has me convinced of this, either. Too often, my flesh reigns supreme and then comes gushing out in my actions. I see myself reacting in frustration, anger or hostility time and time again.

But why?

I want things to happen according to the rule and reign of Christy. And anyone thinking about getting in my way better STEP. OFF. Mount Momma is gonna BLOW!

“Honey?” my husband sweetly implores.

“(Grrr) Yes?” I manage to say without snapping . . . (I think).

“Mommy?” my children say.

“(Grrr) What, honey?” I squeak with a hint of irritation.

“Hey, have you seen the—?”

“(GRRR) NO, I can’t keep up with your things.”

“MAHHMEEE!” they scream.


The verdict is in from my five-year-old. “Meany” is how she put it . . . one word that describes the alter ego of my flesh perfectly.

But it shouldn’t be.

I have Jesus living in me. He’s the hero, and I should be winning this battle by His Spirit. I should be walking in love toward those around me because I am a beneficiary of the greatest love of all.

Alive in Christ

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8: (ESV)

Christ is the gold standard of love. Looking to His example reveals that my unwillingness to kill off the cries of my flesh only proves the love I have for myself.

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Emphasis added)

God showed His LOVE for those steeped in rebellion toward Him by doing what we could never do for ourselves.

He died.

Jesus set His love upon us—to the point of death—with full knowledge that there was nothing good in us. And because of His death for sin, we are dead to sin in Him.

That is a special kind of love! It is a love worthy of giving glory, honor and praise to the Giver of that AMAZING love! Even when that means we have to sacrifice desires to serve ourselves in order to demonstrate our worship of Him though our actions.

My One True Love

Every day, we have a fight ahead of us—a fight to the death. If we truly love the Lord and desire to worship Him in truth, we need to show it. (Romans 8:13)

It’s like I tell my kids: “We have to disobey ourselves in order to obey God, because what He wants is more important than what I want.”

We can honor Him by denying ourselves—for me, that means becoming a willing servant for my family, no matter how hard it can be sometimes! Because when all’s said and done, our insufficient love for Him only magnifies His love for us and shows us what true love is really like.

In the end, I know I am incapable of reciprocating this amazing love the way He deserves, but it’s okay. All any of us can do is show our affection the best way we know how.

And yet despite my many imperfections, He still chose to ride in on His white horse and save me from my sinful self.

I have racked my brain trying to fully comprehend the height and depth of the love God demonstrated in sending His one and only Son to die for rebellious sinners like me. I can’t fully grasp it, and all I can do is trust in its power.

And I know this—there is no greater love on Heaven and earth, and the One True God, is my One True Love forever.

Leave Christy some love in the comments and let her know how you can relate. 

Christy Pearce

Christy Pearce

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