The Bateman Family

The Bateman Family

A guy named Tiny! Tiny Bateman, did you know him?

Did you know he wrote a story about life? It was straight from his heart and I was honored to publish it in my book, “Joy Beyond.” I wanted to share his story with you today, so please see below. I think he would want people to hear what he has to say in his story in “Stories From the Heart.” I hope you won’t miss the heart of Tiny, because his anointing and legacy lives on through his words.

He has left his earthly home on Dec 3rd, 2014 and is now whole and healthy walking the streets of gold with Jesus. His faith has become sight. His belief has become real. I pray that our sweet Lord will hold this family tight and comfort them, as they have comforted so many.

I’ll never forget how my eight year old son Clay prayed for Tiny every night, long past the danger of him losing his life back in 2003. Tiny was still a part of this tender little guy’s prayers. It may have been repetitious, but it was real. Tiny was being lifted up to to the Lord for healing and God heard Clay’s prayers and the prayers of all the saints praying for this big guy named Tiny.

Tiny, as we all called him had been diagnosed with a heart the size of a football, which he truly did have. He loved others with the biggest heart ever. He loved me and my family with his big, far from tiny heart. He was always there for me in the darkest times of my first marriage. I will never forget having to take my ex-husband to rehab and Tiny offered to ride with me to take him. So, he and his lovely wife Sharon went with me, so I wouldn’t have to do it alone.

Bill Bateman (Tiny) was the Junior High Youth Minister in our church. I was fortunate enough to have been able to serve with him and his precious wife for three years. He loved those teenagers and taught them how to live for Christ and love others. He could also throw a mighty big beach party on our Jr High Beach Retreat! The kids loved it. The adults loved it!

Beach Retreat 2002

Beach Retreat 2002

Tiny was just a call away when I was going through a frightening time of spousal addiction, separation and divorce. All I would have had to do was say “help” and he would have come immediately. He was even present at one of the hardest days of my life, when I went to court to finalize my 23 year marriage. I will never forget the profound words he told me in the courtroom. God gave him wisdom. Tiny was given an “end of life diagnosis” back in 2003, but that was by the doctor’s…not by God. He lived on, he loved on and God still had plans for him.

Tiny was a giving and loving guy and will be missed by so many people who loved him. He fought the good fight and He has won the crown of righteousness!

I lift Sharon and all the kids up and pray you will join me in praying. God gave him eleven more years than he was originally told. He got to see his daughter, Briana graduate from college and his sons pass childhood into handsome young guys. He was loved and he will always be remembered by those who knew him.

To God be the glory!

The HEART of Something New

By Bill (Tiny) Bateman
Story written Dec 31, 2013 by Tiny published in “Joy Beyond”

As I sit at home watching the old year out, and the New Year in, I had just a few thoughts I decided to write down. Most of today and this week I have listened to, and read about many people ready for a New Year, a new start. Saying that 2013 was great or that it was the worst year they had ever had. Probably if I took enough time to worry about it I would have a little of each of those thoughts as well.

However, I can tell you that on June 4, 2003 when my Cardiologist walked into a room full of my family and fellow Ministers, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry Mr. Bateman, but there is nothing we can do for you. Your heart is simply in a terminal condition and you won’t live more than 3 days.” I began truly living by the day and not year-by-year.

The fact is, you are a miracle. The fact that you have the breath to continue to go after your dreams, the fact that you have enough life to live another day, no matter how bad the days in the past actually were, is evidence enough that we shouldn’t wish our days away waiting for better ones. Instead of waiting, we should continue to push for better days. Instead of wallowing in our pain, and being too fearful to react to life because of the adversity we may face, it is time that we make things happen.

You are God’s creation. He holds every key to your life, and no Doctor or circumstance can change that. We often ask why God does not save us from the storm. Storms are part of our human nature and are from the changing conditions of this world. Jesus did not come to change the weakness of the human nature or the physical conditions of this world, but to change the hearts of men and women. He does not always stop the storms, but He is always present with us in the storms to give us the inner strength to weather the storms!!!

by Tiny Bateman

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