I am excited to introduce you to a friend and author, Brooke Lynn. Brooke has just written and released her book, Raised by Strangers. It’s now available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Please get a copy. I promise you will not regret reading this book.

“A book is just a handful of paper, the message inside is what I pray God uses to change hearts and lives!” by Brooke Lynn

Please join me in welcoming Brooke to Ask God Today and for her willingness and transparency as she shares her story of being kidnapped as a child and living a hard life of abuse by strangers. Brooke has found her strength through God and has a heart to help others find the healing that only Christ can bring. She has also recently released a 30 day devotional called, Inspiring Faith available on Amazon.

Podcast Video Below:

From the interview:
Brooke says: “I was five years old and I found myself in church because a bus came around the neighborhood to pick us up, called the “Joy Bus.” I was sitting on the carpet with the other children and watched a little demonstration of Jesus on the Felt Board. At the end of the teacher’s talk, she asked if anyone would want to invite Christ in their heart and I raised my hand and asked Him in and He has been there ever since.”

Brenda: “Was there a full surrender at that time or did you have a point in your life where you strayed a little bit, being so young?”

Brooke: Well, there was probably a couple of times in my life where I strayed from God, in a sense where I wasn’t behaving like a Christian. But there was never a time in my life that I haven’t felt the presence of God or that He was with me.”

Brenda: Can you share a little bit about when you were kidnapped and your backstory?

Brooke: “My mom kidnapped my brother and I from my dad, and moved us to another state with a new boyfriend. At that time we moved in with a new family that we had never met and never known. A short time later started experiencing horrendous abuse from the strangers that we lived with, physical abuse, sexual abuse, lots of emotional abuse.”

Brooke: “I have shed many tears, had many dreams and nightmares. God has given me revelation and again alot of healing for myself has come from writing the book. I know that He is going to help others with healing, if they are willing.”

Brooke: “In the book I just describe that there was always an invisible hope that I had inside me helping me to get through things.”

For more from Brooke please take a few minutes and watch this short video.

Video Podcast with Brooke Lynn:

Brooke Lynn’s bio: Unknown-1
My name is Brooke Lynn. I am a writer, nurse, and a health and wellness enthusiast. I transparently reveal my life experiences, struggles and triumphs with abuse, poverty, marital demise, parenting, and eating disorders helping others find the courage and strength for healing. I educate and create awareness about eating disorders sharing my 26 year battle and recovery. I have served as a children’s praise and worship leader, worked with middle and high school students, and also served on church prayer teams with a heart for intercessory prayer. I passionately motivate you into a deeper level of faith while encouraging you to love and accept yourself. I reside in the Washington D.C. area, have been married for eighteen years and I am raising two teenage children.

Brooke’s contact info:
Her website: www.brookelynnbooks.com
Raised By Stranger Facebook page
Barnes and Nobles

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