10646702_10204555448747301_1585140342637883966_nI am so excited to have Best selling author, Christin Ditchfield with me today through podcast video. Christin is the author of 66 books! Yep, I said “66.” Wow! I called her a superwoman! Christin has written many children’s books, picture books, biographies, articles and non-fiction books. Her desire is to continue to write for women, helping women go to a deeper life with Christ. She has been speaking at Women’s conferences for over 25 years. You can connect with Christin on her website, www.whatwomenshouldknow.org and on her radio program called, “Take it to Heart,” shared on a couple of 100 radio stations. Christin has a book being released in March 2015 called, “What Women Should Know About Letting it Go.” You can find her best-selling book, “A Family Guide to Narnia, Biblical Truths in C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicle of Narnia,” and “What Women Should Know about Facing Fear,” “A Way With Words: What Women Should Know about the Power they Possess,” and all of Christin’s books on her Amazon page here.

Here are a few highlights of my conversation with Christin on the podcast.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Jesus.”

“Do I believe what I believe because that’s what my mom and dad believe and that’s what my grandparents believe – or is my faith really my own? That’s when I fell in love with Jesus and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.”

Encouragement for writers who have been rejected:

“I have released 66 books, but I have a drawer with 30 other ideas that we couldn’t get off the ground, nobody wanted them, my publishers weren’t interested, my agent said, “that’s great, but too many people have already written on that.”

“In one sense there’s nothing new under the sun, and in another sense there’s constantly new ways to approach those familiar truths and new ways to explore them. Sometimes we sit on them for a while and then God resurrects them and brings them back another time.”

“It’s part of the journey and these will be the stories you will tell one day.”

“Dr. Suess was rejected 18 times.”

“Just surrender it to God and keeping pushing forward and be willing to change streams, sometimes that idea is for later and there will be something better that comes out of it.”

“Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and God will give you the wisdom you need.”

You can connect with Christin:
On her website: www.whatwomenshouldknow.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AuthorChristin
Amazon link
Radio site: www.takeittoheartradio.com

Also, for Christian authors she has a Facebook Group where she helps other authors called, “Christian Writers Shop Talk.” Please join us in this group if you are interested in going deeper in your writing.

Watch this awesome inspiring video with Christin Ditchfield and leave her a comment below.

Podcast with Christin Ditchfield

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