Sweetheart, have I told you? _DSC4034

When I look at you through my mommy eyes, I see a young mom, a young wife, a young lady seeking to find her place in this big ole world that we live in.

You remind me of me. I remember at times just going through the motions, hoping I was doing something right. I wanted to make my family happy. I would do anything for them. I did without on numerous occasions, so they would have shoes, new clothes or their needs would be met. Sometimes I did without, just so they would have their favorite food or a toy they would beg for. I would sing to them, rock them, and sit in the floor and play whatever they wanted to play. I would swing them as high as they wanted to go on the swing set, hearing them shrill and giggle saying,“higher mommy, go higher.” _DSC3843

The house seemed to always be a mess. I wish I could say I didn’t care, but honestly I DID care, however, it was never as important as spending time with my precious little ones who had been entrusted to me. No matter how much I picked up toys, they were right back out in the middle of the floor again and stepping over toys became the norm for many years. Let me just tell you, “this too shall pass.” One day, you will have a clean home, no toys in the floor and no bath water to run, but your own. It passes much faster than you think. Hold onto the memories, count your blessings, their names are spelled, E-V-I-E
and S-A-V-A-N-N-A-H. Each and every day as they grow they reflect the beauty of their mommy. _DSC3328

Our children are so trusting. I think back, knowing and remembering how much my babies counted on ME. Sometimes, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. How could I have done anything good enough to deserve being called “mom.” I would beat myself up if I had allowed them to get sunburnt , or feel the guilt of motherhood if once again I had to call “grandmother” to babysit while they were sick, because I had to work. Somehow, someway, it turned out okay. They still loved me anyway.

Being called mom is the most incredible, remarkable, wondrous job I was ever given. To be called mama and see the reflection of you in the little face staring back at you makes it all worth it, knowing “I must be doing something right.” To look into the eyes of this little miracle with the unconditional love of my precious little girl looking back at me and saying, “I love you mommy,” just melts your heart.

The mommy job is never complete and is also at times a heart-stopping, exhausting and never-ending calling that has been placed on our lives. The greatest calling we will ever receive. To know that God chose me to be a mother and He called you to be a mother, brings the miracle of raising little babies to such a greater perspective for you and me. I know I am far from perfect and I made plenty of mistakes, but just as my babies love me unconditionally, and your babies love you unconditionally, our sweet Lord loves us with a forever unconditional love. Peace, joy and love are His way of loving us through the years and tears.

I saw you today and you looked happy. I see a woman of true beauty with a desire to please her family. Life will be full of struggles, hurt and pain. There will be hills to climb and mountains to cross. Tears will flow like a river and sometimes we don’t even know why we are crying. Hang on beautiful daughter, beautiful mommy, the little ones you are raising today are watching you, listening to you (even when you think they aren’t) and they will one day look back and say “thanks mom, I love you and want to be just like you.”_DSC3362

Post is dedicated to my sweet daughter, Ashley. You are a wonderful mommy!

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