Naples, Florida sunset

Naples, Florida sunset

Do you need to step out of the boat and into the water?
Sometimes we are afraid to take a step forward or get out of our comfort zone, for the fear of being rejected. Fear grips us, it keeps us paralyzed and frozen in the here and now, instead of moving ahead.

Have you thought lately of one thing you really want to accomplish, but you haven’t done it because you are afraid of what other people might think? Possibly you just don’t know how to do it or get started.

Maybe God is calling you to do something beyond the normal for you, something outrageous.

Many times God can call us to step out of the normal and step into the extreme.

He is looking for people who will be willing to enlarge their territory of influence.
He is looking for people who are available to Him at anytime to go anywhere and do anything.
Is that you?

I have to think, is that me?

I would like to say, “yes, sure I will go anywhere, anytime, and do anything You want me to God.”

But would I really? Would I be willing to give up my comfort zone and possibly go to the uncomfortable, unknown, unfamiliar places that God could choose to take me.

What if I said yes to God and He wanted to move me to the other side of the world and live as a Missionary in a place where I didn’t speak their language. I know lots of people who have left everything familiar and left their families to go serve. That is TRUE obedience.

Would I go?
Or would I ignore the calling of God and dismiss it as only a temporary thought that entered my mind. After all, it couldn’t be God talking to me. Could it?

Maybe God isn’t calling me or you to Kenya or Haiti, then again, maybe He is. However, you have been aware of that deep down inside nudging that God has more for you then what you are currently doing.

You want to be obedient.
You want to please God.
You just don’t know how.

Ten years ago I felt the call of God on my life and I heard Him in my spirit tell me, “Brenda, I want you to write and tell your story.” I said, “really God, are You talking to me? I don’t know the first thing about writing.” I replied with, “okay, but God You are going to have to show me the way and what to do.”

For me, it wasn’t an instant act of obedience. I was aware of His calling for ten years. I sought Him, I studied His word, I took a writing and speaking class. I discovered that God wanted to grow me up in who He is more. He knew I was available, He knew I was eager and He knew I was teachable. He molded me, He refined me, He discipled me and allowed me to teach and disciple others.

So I have to ask, are you allowing God to mold you into His image?”
Are you seeking Him and asking Him what He wants you to do?
Are you preparing your heart for the anywhere, anytime, and the anything?

What instantly comes to your mind when you think about what God wants you to do? What is your passion? What is that deep down inside feeling that gnaws at you and you want to help do something about it but you don’t know what or how you can help.

Step out, start by researching the subject, get involved in a local ministry, go on a short term mission trip, write a short story, join the choir, ask to sing a solo. Give a donation.

It is written in Luke 12:34, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” God will entrust us in the big things when He sees us handling the smaller things.

I have the desire to do something outrageous for God. I first have to allow Him to do something outrageous for me, so I can know Him and trust Him more.

At the first of the year 2012 I read a book called, “the Outrageous life” by Dwayne Morris. after reading Dwayne’s book I knew it was time to start writing and telling my story.

So one step at a time I stepped out of my comfort zone.
I signed up for an online writing course, called “Tribe Writers” led by Jeff Goins.
I started learning, practicing my writing skills, started a blog, then a website (this is it) and networking with other writers.

I even courageously called my self a writer.
Whew…that was really hard. I didn’t want to sound all presumptuous or too big for my own britches.
I took a step out of my comfort zone and stepped into the uncharted territory of writing.

It can be done. God doesn’t let us forget our calling. He will continuously whisper it into our ear through people, scripture, song and messages we hear. If God has a plan and calling on your life and it is truly from Him, then He is waiting on you.

Don’t hold back.

We have to walk with Him daily, so we will know this is not about us, it is about the Creator, the King of kings, the One and Only true God.

What’s next for you to do? What is God wanting you to do that you know there is no way you can do it in your own strength, it is too BIG for you to do, it will have to come from Him.

Step out of the boat.
Keep your eyes on Jesus.
Reach for His hands.
Don’t be afraid.
Enlarge your territory.
Speak boldly the Word of God.
Feed that hungry child.
Go on the trip to China.
Read a story to a child.
Give away today.
Sing and shout for joy.

When this day is over, we will be one day closer to eternity. We will never get this day back.

What can I do today that will make a difference in the life of someone else?

What can you do?

Go ahead…let’s do it!
Let’s do it for the Kingdom!
Let’s do it for the starving child.
Let’s do it for the broken woman who has just lost her husband to another woman, drugs, addiction or selfishness.
Let’s do it for the little one who needs shoes.
Let’s do it for the lady who doesn’t yet know she has cancer and needs a mammogram, but can’t afford it.

We can all do something.

Reach up! Reach in! Reach out!

God is calling. Are we listening?

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