Join me in welcoming friend and aspiring writer, Debbie Schumacher as she shares how God always has a purpose.

Please make Debbie feel welcome by leaving a comment. This is her first Guest Post. Debbie demonstrates how to apply scripture to your life by making it personal.

Debbie SchumacherI was born seven weeks premature back in 1953 (yeah, 60 years ago for the numbers people). Many premature babies weighing less than three pounds don’t make it with today’s technology, and none of this was available back then. So the Dr.’s told my mother to prepare for the worst; she gave me a short name with no middle name. She wanted the gravestone to be simple and inexpensive. At least that is what she told me when I was about twelve years old and asked why I didn’t have a middle name.

Now, my step-grandmother loved me, and actually I spent more time with her than with my “family.” She let me know of God’s love for me; you see, in Psalm 139, there are verses I will paraphrase here.

Father, You knew me in secret, when my mother was still pregnant with me. You are the one who knew what I should do with the life You were giving me, after all, you knew how many days I will be on earth. You even orchestrate my time. Man counts minutes, hours, days and years. You count lifetimes and achievements. I am so precious to You. You amaze me with Your love. You think of me constantly, and always want what is best for me. Many times I forget in my rush to ask You if it is what I SHOULD be doing. This has caused more heartache than I can bear at times. Please forgive my foolishness of putting “me, myself and I” first. I am NOTHING without You.

Just to give you another quick “testimony.”

I have lived with depression my whole life-even though I would not admit it, and most people NEVER knew, including my own children, I asked them-lol. In 2012, I was forced to apply for disability due to an injury from 2007, (Jan 2nd at about 10:45 in the morning, but who keeps track of that kind of stuff anyway?) I had to be assessed by a “Psychiatrist.” Of course she does not know anything about me, so she is peppering me with all kinds of questions about my life, and finally tells me, MY story made her want to cry. Now really, how is that going to help ME?

I walked away feeling so BROKEN, I felt I was beyond healing. God stepped in again, and in that quiet voice He uses with me, he reminds me, He still loves me, and I DO have a PURPOSE.

It is time to start living it.

Debbie Schumacher
W.O.W. Enterprises LLC
Life/Career Coach
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