I have the pleasure to have author, speaker, blogger and my friend, Jane Bateman as a guest on my website today. Jane has a humorous way of sharing stories and God’s truth all in the same blog. She loves the Lord and shares her story and her faith on her website www.janebateman.com. She recently authored the book, “I Will Never,” sharing the story of how her son fell from his bunk bed at a young age and it changed their lives forever. Please help me welcome Jane by making sure you leave her a comment at the end of the post.

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That perfectly describes what happened last week on my way to meet a neighbor for the first time. She has two brick steps leading to her porch and in my own graceful way, I missed both of them. I caught myself with my mouth and then my other extremities.

I don’t know if it’s a gender thing but I’m quite sure the female gender’s first thought is, “Did anybody see me fall?”

It’s amazing how fast lips can swell and how much they bleed. I would think if there’s really that much blood in our lips, we wouldn’t need to wear lipstick. But I digress. Embarrassed to the core of my being, and looking like a parrot with my swollen beak, I said, “Hi, I’m Jane.” Although with swollen lips, it sounded more like “Uh…mmmmm….Thane.”

That episode reminded me of years ago—we’re talking YEARS ago—when I was in the third grade. In a Spring program, I was to lead my entire class as we skipped out onto center stage . What pressure for an eight year old! I knew I was up to the challenge and had done outstanding in practice.

HOWEVER, I had not practiced in my new shiny, slick patent leather shoes for this auspicious occasion.

See Jane skip from stage left to center stage. See Jane’s new shoes go right out from under her. See Jane fall on her bottom and unceremoniously slide on her new shiny panties right smack dab off stage right. Fastest entrance and exit in the history of the world. Well, at least at Lincoln Elementary.

It took 3 “stagehands” (also known as mothers) and 4 teachers to coax me from behind the curtain and back on stage. It seems the rest of the class didn’t know what to do without their fearless leader. Except their fearless leader with pigtails askew and with tears flowing never looked at them nor the audience, as we muddled through.

I was reading this morning in Psalm 37:23, “If the LORD delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, For the LORD upholds him with his hand.”

This verse is speaking of David’s walk with the Lord, not his walking up a neighbor’s steps. And although David danced before the Lord, I seriously doubt he led his classmates to center stage (much less slid off on slippery sandals and slick robe.) God is promising David that He will make his steps resolute, planted firmly because God is holding his choice servant with His hand. When we consider David’s life and it’s ups and downs, that is, indeed, a blessed promise.

My life has had many ups and downs, as well. Yours, too? When we look at the verse, two things stand out: The promise is a conditional one. “If the LORD delights…” Which simply means we are being obedient, bringing delight to our Father. And secondly, we see that God knew that David—and you and I—would stumble along the way, but He will see we don’t totally fall down.

Our firstborn son, David, seeks to live his life as a pastor, husband, father to five in total obedience to the Lord. In other words, our David wants the LORD to delight in him as He did his namesake. Guess what his favorite verses are? Nope. Not that one! His is in the New Testament. Book of Jude. Verses 24, 25. “To Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy—to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority…”

Jude is writing the same thing we saw in Psalms. GOD Himself can keep us from going splat spiritually. But He will not do it alone. Being in the Word of God on a daily basis, talking to the Father on a daily basis, enjoying corporate worship with other believers on a weekly basis, getting to know Him and enjoying His presence on a moment by moment basis—these help us not to miss the steps and sprawl out face down.

If we do these things, we are assured that the Father is right beside us, upholding us so when we stumble, we don’t go splat.

And you won’t have to ask, “Did anyone see me fall?” Nor will you slide right off the platform that God has given you to show His love to the world.

Photo credit: babypatentleathershoesz.wordpress.com

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