My baby is 19.  It almost seems impossible because Clay 2 wasn’t he just born yesterday?

Time really flies in this world and before you know it, you have grown up.   You have children and then they grow up.   You then start having grand kids.  It happens just that fast.

“Life is like chasing after the wind,” like Solomon says.

What we do only lasts for a short time and then we are gone.  We never know when that time here on earth will be over.  I want to leave a legacy.  I want to make a difference.  I want my kids to make a difference.   Don’t you?

God chose me to be his mom.

Wow! As I reflect on my son, it’s his 19th birthday. I am honored to be called “Mom.” Personally, I think that I am an excellent choice. : ) He has brought love, hugs, laughter, joy, and did I say love and hugs into my life? I love that boy with all my heart. He has made me very proud and puffed up at times, and sad and disappointed at other times. But, that is just a part of raising kids. From the time he made his entrance in this world (which was 8 days early) he was laid back and nothing really bothered him. He would sleep until he would wake up and then go right back to sleep again. As an infant he never cried unless he really needed something and was an easy baby.

He still is not easily angered.  When growing up he tried to help his friends realize, there is no sense in arguing, because it doesn’t get you anywhere (especially with your parents, except on restrictions).

He grew!

As my baby grew into a little boy, he always loved hugs and snuggling. He was this mama’s boy! However, he was all boy. He loved trucks, matchbox cars, and wrestling figures. He loved wrestling and playing rough in the floor with his dad, and of course I would always try to calm them down but without success. He would play outside all day with the neighbors kids riding bikes, scooters, baseball in the yard, making forts or whatever little boys do outside. He was my “easy going” kid. Once I started counting “1,2…” he would stop at 2.  He didn’t want to go against me. He was very compliant. Rough and tough, yep! Soft hearted and kind, yep!!Clay young pic

We had endless nights of baseball games, practices and screaming “Run Clay, Way to go, Clay,” “Great hit Clay.” I miss the nights of baseball, siting on the sidelines watching my son play ball. He was a great ball player.

Basketball became his favorite sport to play as he got older.

He played some football too.

In high school he learned to play the drums and was in the high school marching band for a short period, but discovered that he liked playing the drum set better.

He grew into a tall young man, towering over 6 feet 2 inches now.  My little boy grew up and  looks down at me now, but still knows who mama is!          

School and Homework!


School was not his favorite place to go and he definitely didn’t like homework. Oh the battle of homework.   He never got in trouble at school, but as soon as he got home, he couldn’t sit still and focus on his homework. He would much rather be playing Airsoft guns with his buddies.

But the day of graduation finally came in 2013!

Tears of thankfulness flooded this mom.


His heart!

Many times, I wish he was still little. I wish he could still snuggle up beside me in bed. Those were some of my favorite times.  At five years old Clay went to a Franklin Graham conference with me and heard the gospel and knew he wanted to ask Jesus in his heart.  We talked about it and I wanted to make sure he really knew what he was doing.  At eight years old, I remember my trembling little boy make the decision to walk the church aisle and make a profession of his faith.  We went and talked with Pastor Doug at the church and Doug sat in the floor with him and helped him understand what Jesus did for him on the cross.  He was baptized shortly after that and the kid in him wanted to do it again.

I remember him praying every night his prayers with me and how he prayed longer than anyone I know for our friend Tiny when he was first diagnosed with a heart condition. Clay had such a soft and compassionate heart. He didn’t want to see anybody hurt or get bullied and would try to stand up for the underdog at times. I will never forget when I was going through a hard time and we were saying our night time prayers together on the side of his bed and he told me, “Mom, you know you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”

I did the best I could.

His dad left us when he was only eight and I raised him by myself. I know his dad loved him and he now has a good relationship with him again. I raised him in church. I raised him reading devotions, scriptures and prayed daily with him. I believe the verse in Proverbs, when it says, “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.”

My great kid grew up. He now loves playing drums and creating music. Naturally he thinks differently than I do about things at times, but what young person doesn’t. He has dreams and desires!  He has had periods of doubting God and believing who God is, but I know God will reveal Himself to him again one day.  Please pray!

If we aren’t praying for our kids, who is?

God, I thank you for giving me Clay. I ask that You grow him up into the godly young man You want him to be. Help him be a godly husband and dad one day. I pray He will be a man of God!! May He carry on the legacy into the next generation of our family. He is the only guy to carry on his name. His granddaddy was a godly man, a good man and I pray Clay will follow in his footsteps. I pray that Clay will follow in the godly footsteps of his step-dad and will be able to look back one day and see how You work together all things for the good of those who love You. In Jesus name, Amen

He is this mama’s boy!

Even though sometimes people think mama’s boys are softies, it’s not necessarily true. Not my boy! You can love your mama and still be a manly man! I have always heard, single women, that you need to look how a man treats his mom and it will be a good indicator how he will treat you.  I can’t imagine my life without Clay in it. I am blessed. Yes, I probably need to push him out of the nest before long or should have cut the cord a little earlier in life, but it’s all good. He is happy. I am happy. God has a plan for Him and one day soon He will discover that plan.           Clay and me 2 pic

Does anybody else have a Mama’s boy? What memories can share?

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