Judging Jesus

I found myself judging Jesus long before I knew Him. 

I didn’t want to be a “Jesus freak.”

To judge by definition means to “form an opinion or conclusion about.”   I was forming my own opinion about a person, the son of God.  Crazy isn’t it?  To think I was judging God in the flesh. Who was I to judge Jesus?

He held out His hand to me and I walked away,

thinking I don’t want to be a Christian.  Thinking, being a Christian is no fun.  I wouldn’t be able to drink or party, because God has too many rules.  It just sounded too boring.  I thought, I’ve got more to do then sit around and read the boring Bible.  I don’t even understand it.  Anyway who needs Jesus?  I’ve got this.

That was my opinion until 18 years ago when my life was radically changed.   So thankful God didn’t leave me in my misery.  So thankful I didn’t die when I had breast cancer at the age of 24.  God gave me a second chance!  A chance to know Him and love Him.

We judge others and things long before we know anything about them many times.  Just by looking at someone we can form an opinion in our mind and immediately stick up our nose and walk away.

What if we are judging someone who if we really got to know, we would fall in love with them?

That’s what I did with Jesus.  I judged Him, but later fell in love with this man who was born in a stable.  The only perfect man who has ever lived and I judged Him.   This man named Jesus, went from the stable to the cross.

Look at Paul in the Bible.  He judged Jesus and persecuted people who were Christians.  But one day Paul had an encounter with a man walking on the Road to Damascus.  This man changed his life.  He met Jesus!                     Road to Damascus

Jesus was judged by the Romans and the people and was sentenced to death on a cross. They didn’t know Him.  Their own judgement came later,  I’m sure.  Instead of like Paul who lived out the rest of his days on a journey for Christ the Romans walked away without really knowing Him.

Judgement to journey. 

Jesus has a journey for those who quit judging and start believing.

We just need to meet Him.  Get to know the One who said “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

Funny how Jesus is the least judgmental person who ever walked the earth, but yet the most judged person who ever walked the earth.

I met Jesus on my own Road to Damascus.  It wasn’t a dusty road, but it was the wrong road.  When I met Christ He changed my life and I started traveling the road less traveled.  The road that leads to eternal life.

What road are you currently traveling? 

If you are still judging Jesus maybe it’s time to see what you’re missing.  It’s not boring.  I now have more purpose, peace, joy and love in my life then I ever had before.

All He wants you to do is follow Him.

He will show you the way.

Ask God Today:

1.  To forgive you for judging Him

2.  To turn your judgement to journey.

3.  To show you the way He has for you.


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