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Hello sweet friends!  I hope you are enjoying this wonderful October month and fall weather!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Most likely, we all know someone who has had Breast Cancer.  I would like to open this contest up to anyone who would like to write a story to honor the person you know and love who has fought Breast Cancer!

Maybe they are a Survivor; like myself, and have won the battle, or your loved one is still fighting the battle of cancer or has sadly lost the battle.  Take time to honor them now!!

Contest Rules:

1.  Please go to my Ask God Today Facebook Page and Like my page.  I will announce the winner the first week of November on my Facebook Page.

2.  Please write your story on your website and link it to mine below in the comments!  

3.  If you don’t have a website, please email your story to brendamcgraw@yahoo.com.  Must be in PDF format.

4.  Story must be between 400 and 700 words.  It must include a story about someone you know who has had Breast Cancer.  Also, please be encouraging and include something inspirational to give others hope.

5.  Story must be submitted by October 31, 2013 by 11:59 PM.

6.  You can submit up to 2 pictures in PDF format and you may submit your contact info.

First place Winner:

Receives a $35 Amazon Gift Card,  a FREE copy of my soon to be released E-Book called,  “Joy Beyond”, and I will promote their story and website on my website, Ask God Today and all my social media; Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

Second place:

Receives FREE copy of E-Book, “Joy Beyond” and I will also promote their story and website.

I hope this will help us all be more aware of the reality of Breast Cancer.


My mom, my cousin and myself have all fought Breast Cancer in my own family.  I won the battle!  My cousin passed away and my Mom passed away from Lung Cancer after her Breast Cancer.  I will be sharing all 3 stories at sometime during this month.

Here is my story:    THE “C” WORD!


The year was 1986 and I was 24, when a lump was found in my left breast. It couldn’t be, could it?

I met with my doctor who told me “it’s probably not anything, lets see if it goes away, come back in 2 weeks”. Two weeks passed, the lump was still there, this time the doctor said, “it’s probably not anything, but let’s make an appointment with a surgeon”.

Nobody, especially this 24-year-old, ever wants to see a surgeon because it usually means surgery. I scheduled the appointment and ironically I heard again, “it’s probably not anything, but let’s get a mammogram”.

The mammogram was completed, which led to an ultrasound.  The same words by different doctors, “It’s probably not anything, but…”. In 1986, they didn’t do biopsies like they do now so I was scheduled for outpatient surgery. It was a minor surgery. My husband had to wait in the waiting room. When the doctor came out after surgery he told my husband.  “IT IS SOMETHING!”   He told him he didn’t know if it was Hodgkin’s Disease or exactly what it was but it is something. He proceeded to tell him he would be sending it off to test it and we would have to come back to his office to get the results.

Dreading what I may hear, I went to the appointment. I then heard it. The “C” word. The word no one wants to hear. I was no longer told, “it’s probably not anything”. I was told I had cancer.

Twenty-seven years later, after a radical mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, I am still cancer free! God is faithful!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”(Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)


Please leave a comment and add the link to your story. Thank you for encouraging others to honor their loved ones who have fought the devastating battle of Breast Cancer! We can make a difference!!

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Brenda McGraw is the founder of Ask God Today Ministries where a team of writers share hope and truth with others. She has a God-given dream to reach the masses with the gospel of Christ. Brenda is an author and speaker who reveals how to discover joy beyond the clutter of life. She draws from her own life experiences in the #1 Amazon Best seller,“Joy Beyond, 28 Days to Finding Joy Beyond the Clutter of Life”. She has two new books released. Finished, Top Ten Steps to Finish Writing a Book and Living Uncluttered, An Abundant Life Bible Study.

Brenda lives in South Carolina with her husband, Jeff and one of their five children. She is a survivor of breast cancer and a heart attack. Despite the challenges she has endured, Brenda found peace through her relationship with Jesus Christ.

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