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I am very excited to have Author and friend, Jane Bateman on my site today. Jane will be on Focus on the Family sharing her testimony on June 18th and 19th. Jane told me their “7 yr old son, Daniel, fell from a bunk bed and suffered a severe head injury with resulting extreme aggression; EXTREME aggression.” She shares her story of how God carried her through the trauma and heartache with her son.

Here is the interview between Jane and myself:

Brenda: Jane, I am so excited for you on the release of your new book,“I Will Never” and your story being shared on Focus on the Family. Can you tell us a little about how you arrived at the book title and the message in the book?

Jane: The book is basically over 65 things I told God I’d never do and He made sure I ended up doing every one of them (and more besides!) The message is His taking my “I WILL NEVERS” and showing His strength to get me through every one of them.

Brenda: It is exciting hearing you will be sharing your story on Focus on the Family on June 18th & 19th. I understand this isn’t your first time on the show. When were you on Focus on the Family before? How can you recommend to other writers and Christians on the steps to take to get their stories shared on this great show?

Jane: This will be the 4th time Focus will be airing my testimony. Wish I had room to tell you of the funny way I found out I was going to be on the first time. Let’s just say, I was about the last person to find out! Our daughter in law sent a tape (yep, a little cassette tape 🙂 of my testimony to Focus when Dr. James Dobson was still with the program) without telling me. Then the phone call came…I had no idea what they were talking about. The testimony was aired in ’96, ’98, 2004 and now in 2013. My advice to others wanting to be on Focus on the Family is to send them a CD of your story (or have your daughter in law do it and surprise you!).

Brenda: In your last Blog titled; “Don’t Know Nuthin Bout Birthin’ Babies” on your website, you made the comparison of writing your book, “I Will Never” with giving birth to a baby. What do you think is the most difficult part of writing a book?

Jane: The story line throughout my book is dealing with our head-injured little boy. The most difficult part for me was re-living the pain as I wrote. There were times I just had to walk away and bawl. There were numerous times I said, “I WILL NEVER finish this or live through the writing of this book.” But God always brought me back to it. I’m finishing up a second book–fiction this time, about Mary’s mother–“Jesus Called Me Grandma”–and it’s much more pleasant writing! Other than looking for strong verbs and flowing paragraphs, I think the hardest part is finding time to write and rejection slips from publishers.

Brenda: Jane, I know your faith in God through Jesus Christ is very important to you. Can you share a little about when God called you to write your story and the strength you gain from walking with Him daily?

Jane: The book has been a 30 year plus project. (I sound very old, don’t I?) I knew I needed to write down all the ways God was getting us through our agony–so I wrote it, mainly for our boy. I firmly believed God would heal him and I wanted him to know about the journey God brought us all through. When God chose another route, I put the manuscript on a shelf and decided NEVER to finish the book. When Focus on the Family called (out of the blue!) about re-airing my testimony, our oldest son said, “Mom, you gotta finish your book before the broadcast.” I pouted, dug my heels in, said “nope” and thought that was it. Then God said, “Jane, you gotta finish the book…” Out of obedience, I finished it. The Lord Jesus is my total source of strength. He’s just precious to me (and, amazingly, I am precious to Him!). He is utterly faithful.

Brenda: Jane, thank you for sharing with us today. Who is your intended audience for your book and what message do you want your readers to grasp from reading, “I Will Never’?

Jane: My intended audience is anyone who has challenged God and said, “I WILL NEVER”. The message I’m trying to convey is two-fold: I want families struggling out there to know Jesus can get you through anything and “you can have a pain in your heart and a peace in your soul at the same time.” I especially want struggling moms to know they have a friend.

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Jane’s book has been released on Amazon and Createspace. Please don’t miss her story on Focus on the Family airing this week. Jane also has a comical side of her and you can connect with her on her website where she shares her humor. Thank you Jane for your time with this interview and I pray God will use you and your story. God always has a plan for the pain in our lives and will bring beauty out of the ashes.

If you would like to leave a comment for Jane wishing her success, please do so below. I am sure she would love to hear your comments!

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