Benefits of Wisdom , Cont’d from Part 1

Do you have a situation you need God’s wisdom? Ask God to give you wisdom and discernment. Read on and find out how.

I shared 2 benefits in my previous post “More Precious Than Rubies”. Here are 5 more.

3. God Guards You

What path are you walking?

Where is your life going?

God guards the paths you walk down. He keeps you from harm by watching over you. He defends you, as a guard would defend someone they are guarding.

“He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him.” (Proverbs 2:8 NLT)

4. Righteousness

Do you need direction or guidance to help make a decision?

When you seek God’s wisdom it leads you to a life of righteousness. You are able to discern the difference between right and wrong. You are able to understand what direction your life should go, because you have the Holy Spirit leading you.

“Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will find the right way to go.” (Proverbs 2:9 NLT)

5. Wise Choices

Do you want to hear the voice of God?

The wisdom we receive from the Lord will help you when it comes time to make choices. When you are following and listening to the voice of the Lord you are seeking His guidance when making choices.

“Wise choices will watch over you. (Proverbs 2:11a NLT)

6. Safety

Are you praying for safety?

When living a life seeking the wisdom from God, He will keep you safe. He protects you against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, and other types of consequences caused by wrong choices and associating with the wrong people. He protects us from evil and the evil one. When living outside of the will and protection of God you can tend to make decisions and choices which can bring harm to your life.

“Understanding will keep you safe.”(Proverbs 2:11b NLT). Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted. (Proverbs 2:7-9, 11, 12 NLT)

7. Humility

Do you desire to live a long life?

With wisdom and the fear of the Lord you will become more humble. You realize this life is not about you and what you can gain from living. The life God gives us to live has been given to us to bring God glory. It is wisdom and the understanding of who God is which will lead you to living a more humble life. True humility will lead you to riches, honor and a long life according to the Scriptures.

True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and long life. (Proverbs 22:4 NLT)

True Wisdom Comes from God

Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. True wisdom comes only from God. In James 2, it says, “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”

God shows us the way to live a life of joy, love and peace. It is by having a relationship with Him through Jesus. He even tells us in His word how to find wisdom and the benefits once it is found.

I haven’t always chosen a life where I followed The Lord and His wisdom. My choices led me to many consequences and regrets. But, God is forgiving. He is a God of 2nd chances. We are enticed by riches but God tells us wisdom is more precious than rubies and riches. His Word tells us, we don’t have God’s wisdom because we haven’t asked for it. He saved me many years ago and totally changed my life. Now I ask for wisdom and discernment, which only God can give!

What do you need God’s knowledge, wisdom and discernment for today?

Have you asked Him?

“Cry out for insight and understanding. Search for them as you would for lost money or hidden treasure. Then you will understand what it means to fear the LORD, and you will gain knowledge of God.”

Ask God today to give you more of a desire to know Him better.

Ask God today to give you knowledge and more of a desire to read His Word.

Ask God today to give you wisdom and discernment in your situation, whatever it may be.


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