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How attached are you to your calendar? Too much on the schedule? We tend to overbook ourselves and we need to ask God to help us, die to self and live for Him. What does dying to self mean, what does it look like? Isn’t it awesome when life is going along great, your days are pretty much the same everyday; predictable, ordinary, and “life is good?” You have your agenda and know what is scheduled all day. Then, along comes one of those unpredictable circumstances that just happen. A crisis has never asked permission to enter my day and is never scheduled on the calendar. It completely takes you off guard, and makes it’s unwanted appearance at the most inconvenient times. All of a sudden things change, your day is disrupted and your world is rocked. However, it’s not really your world anyway. It’s God’s world. He allows us to live in it for a little while. While here, we have a purpose. It’s His purpose. In order to live according to His purpose we need to lay down our own plans. We need to purposefully work on getting our plans to line up with His, which involves dying to self, becoming more selfless. Less of self means being less selfish and just thinking about what we have on the schedule. We need to concern ourselves more with others. What’s the saying, “It’s not about me”? It really is NOT about me. It’s all about Him, our precious Lord!

God chooses us and allows us to be a part of something bigger than we are. It’s our choice to cooperate by laying down our own agenda. Daily we choose how we react to life’s little disruptions. Do you react with anger and throw a temper tantrum? Or do you react with gentleness and kindness? Our reactions to our unexpected circumstances is important. In the past I have unfortunately reacted out of anger and selfishness. I also have reacted out of love. What about you? Aren’t we glad God doesn’t give up on us? He is merciful and gracious when we blow it. He is pleased with us when we don’t. No matter how you react He still loves you! God’s not surprised by our reactions. I strive to pattern my life after Him. God never gets disturbed when we disrupt His agenda or His will for our life. He just adjusts, tries to teach us a lesson, and brings good to those whom love Him. We need to learn to be more like Him.

The next time life throws you a curve ball, try praying and:
1. Ask God to help you die to yourself.
2. Ask God to help you live according to His will, not yours.
3. Ask God to help you react out of love.

Curve ball

I sure am glad that God’s still working on me. Next time your life seems out of your control, remember it is never out of God’s control. Trust God and lean on Him. He usually is trying to teach us something. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a quick learner. God’s purpose and plans are always greater than ours. John 3:30 says: He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.

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