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 God takes the ashes of the fires we go through and turns them into beautiful stories of hope. — Brenda McGraw

Discover Joy, Peace and Love Through the Truth and Hope of God’s Word.

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Last month we had a month of #MomTalk, so the month of June
we decided we would devote the month to Dads.

We are approaching Father’s Day and we want to honor
our fathers and wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!

The series this month will be some special “#DadTalk”written
by our team specially for you.

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God Today’s Mission Statement is simple:

It is our desire to educate and demonstrate to others how to: Study God’s Word, Pray God’s Word, Love God’s Word and Live God’s Word by sharing Hope and Truth! To Him be the glory!

Wisdom Of A Godly Father

Wisdom Of A Godly Father

It’s hard to believe my father is already in his 80s, mainly because he’s so young at heart. He doesn’t believe in retirement, although he has scaled back his work hours in the past few years. Even at home, he’s busy with his garden, landscaping his yard, and studying...

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The Perfect Reflection of Our Heavenly Father

The Perfect Reflection of Our Heavenly Father

It is very hard to be a parent in society today, but I would have to say it’s even harder to be a father. We have all these expectations and molds that men should meet in the workforce, in our households, and even in the church. We seem to lose sight of the One who...

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Why Do Fathers Provide?

Why Do Fathers Provide?

With Father’s Day just yesterday, I cannot help but reflect on the amazing dad that I have been blessed with. My dad is by far the hardest worker I have ever met or seen. He works upwards of 70 hours a week driving trucks for a chemical company, then comes home and...

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